Our Production Specifications

Six Aerosol Food Production Lines

Average Output

60,000 units per hour

1,150 cans per minute

http://asoft11190.accrisoft.com/fullfill/clientuploads/New labeler.jpg Line Features

  • Terco in-lined double-indexed fillers with 8 stainless steel filling heads with 2-valve seaters

  • Kartridge Pak (KP) 12-head rotary and KP auto valve placers and seaters

  • 9-head rotary, under the cup Kartridge Pak gasser/crimper/vacuum

  • 6-head rotary, under the cup Kartridge Pak gasser/crimper/vacuum

  • Auto-Fill auto check weighers

  • 10-land hot water baths

  • http://asoft11190.accrisoft.com/fullfill/clientuploads/New line working.jpg3-line video jet can coders

  • Completely stainless steel systems

  • Automated cappers

  • Automated case packing, sealing and coding systems

  • Capable of running aluminum products

  • Automated pucking, depucking systems

  • Automated tipping systems

  • Automated button placer orientation systems

  • In-line sleeving and vinyl wrapping systems