Warehouse Clerk

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Overall Responsibilities

Verify record of shipments and bills of lading for truck and shipping carriers. Responsible for accuracy of shipping

documents, verifying receiving receipts with open orders and notification of department head when shipping items


Key Areas of Responsibility

 Verifies bills of lading for each shipment; checks and records all items loaded for shipment

 Upon completion of shipment, closes out orders and forwards document to logistics manager

 Notifies supervisor or logistics manager when major discrepancies occur, over-shipments or substitutions

have been made

 Maintains other shipping records such as goods returned, returnable pallets, dunnage, etc

 Collects information for damage claims on in-transit damage

 Directs dock staff in the staging and shipping of customer orders

 Moving materials on shipping dock with hand truck or forklift truck

 In times of need may load trucks using a forklift truck

 Daily print the following:

o Barcode sheets for all products – new tags are printed for batch changes with the information in

the lot codes

o Finished Production Movement Sheets

o Component/Raw Material Movement Sheets

o WMS codes for each product and lot change

*Enter or print the following as needed:

o WMS codes not in the system for incoming Follmer items

o Print barcode sheets for the staging driver

o Print barcode sheets and Finished production sheets for display area

o Print barcode sheets for all rework done

o Print current production schedules for drivers as needed/updated

o Print barcode sheets for partial pallets that were not tagged correctly or just needs adjusted

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